Read Councillors

Parish Council elections are held every four years. Read Parish Council has 8 councillors and if there are insufficient nominations the council must co-opt.

Parish Councillors

ChairmanMarie Hacking01282 778270
Vice-ChairmanClifton Pollard07436 273427
CouncillorBob Anderson01282 773183
CouncillorSian Greenhough01282 778670
CouncillorRichard Hanson01254 886103
CouncillorAlex Hanson
CouncillorSally McKelvey01282 771922
CouncillorStephen Neary

Parish Council Clerk

Parish ClerkApril Collinson07340 019721

Borough Councillors

CouncillorMalcolm 795138

County Councillor

CouncillorsGed Mirfin07841