COVID restrictions

Due to the high Covid numbers in the Ribble valley and much of the country Read Parish council are requesting that all who wish to attend the parish Council Meeting on 05/01/2022 have a negative lateral flow test on the day of the meeting. This can be registered this on the government web site here, with the result sent to the Clerk prior to the meeting.

Registering your results can be done without an account and knowing your NHS number and takes about 2 minutes. If done on your phone you can scan the test strip for the number at the appropriate point.

When asked why you took the test

Select :- Another reason and on the first screen


Select :- To go to a venue or event such as a nightclub, conference, government event, sports match or music festival

When asked to enter an email address please use

This will help stop the spread of COVID-19 and help keep your community safe.

If you are unable to record your test result online for any reason please contact the clerk on the above email address or bring your negative test to the Council meeting as evidence.

As the council meeting will be taking place indoors mask wearing is advised unless exempt.

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