Street Safe

People in our county are being asked to anonymously flag areas where they don’t feel safe via a new national online tool called StreetSafe.

Launched by the Home Office and The National Police Chiefs’ Council, the pilot project aims to identify areas that need improving and make the streets safe for everyone, particularly women and girls, and to also identify areas where there are fears surrounding anti-social behaviour and environmental issues.

StreetSafe is easy to use and includes a short series of questions which Lancashire residents can anonymously complete online. It is not a crime reporting tool but aims to pinpoint areas and locations where people feel unsafe and the reasons why, such as harassment, lack of street lighting or signs of drug or alcohol abuse.

We are determined to tackle crime and make the streets safer for everyone. A key part of this commitment involves tackling violence against women and girls.

To do this we are taking into consideration factors that contribute to women and girls feeling unsafe, wherever they are. One way people can help us, is to pinpoint on StreetSafe areas where they feel unsafe and explain why.

A crime doesn’t have to have taken place for you to mark it on StreetSafe’s online maps. Information submitted anonymously via Streetsafe will be used by policing in partnership with other agencies to deliver improved wellbeing and safety for communities, especially for women and girls.

The data submitted through StreetSafe is vital in informing violence prevention initiatives throughout the county.

The StreetSafe pilot is currently scheduled to run until the end of March 2022. For further information visit

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